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Need to Smoke

Need to Smoke

Water Cured Cannabis

Water curing enables the removal of undesirable elements from the flower while retaining potency.

Curing your weed decently may be the difference between good weed and fantastic weed. The classic way of curing is in a jar. But there is another method of curing; the water curing method. This method is faster and purer than typical air-curing in jars or bags, although it carries some quirky side effects.

Instead of relying on the plants to break down built up salts and sugars, you dissolve them in water, which is called water-curing. The idea behind this is, that unwanted solids in the buds will dissolve in water, while THC and resin glands are insoluble.

Standard filtered tap water can be used for this method, but using reverse osmosis water is suggested, as it quickens the process of osmosis, which governs the dissolution. Osmosis is the process of evenly distributing soluble substances in a solution through a semi-permeable membrane (in this case the leaf surface). All you need to do is submerge your buds in water for around 5 days and let the water extract all the unwanted substances via osmosis.

The end result is a somewhat uglier sensimilla, that has more punch and one of the smoothest smokes you will get your hands upon. When we say uglier, we mean, that water cured cannabis has less bag appeal and almost no smell or taste, as the substances responsible for aroma are dissolved too. This may be a deal breaker, for some as the organoleptic qualities of cannabis play a big role in market value and the smoking experience. However, as there is almost no smell, water-cured cannabis could be smoked in public or used as a stealth smoke, as it will go mostly unnoticed. On top of that, as a lot of the unwanted solids are gone, the smoke is a lot smoother and healthier with more potency per gram.

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