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Green Crack has evolved!

Green Crack has evolved!

Green Crack CBD: the new generation of therapeutic marijuana

We are nowadays facing a change of the paradigm of consumption. The main objective during these last 25 years has been to increase the THC content in cannabis genetics because the illegality framework marijuana was in meant the psychoactive effect had to be as strong as possible. The risk of offering an illegal product obviously boosted its price and so consumers wanted incredibly potent genetics that would allow them to recoup their investment. Lately, though, marijuana seems to be coming out of the shadows of the black market, more and more countries are joining the regulatory wave, new needs are appearing and users are increasingly demanding strains with lower THC levels. Given the situation, we set out to create a CBD-rich cannabis strain capable of meeting the needs of those who don’t feel like going through a heavily psychoactive experience but prefer to benefit from the many therapeutic properties these cannabinoids can offer.
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